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I began duck and goose hunting as a teenager living along the banks of the Sandy and Columbia rivers.  In those days we hunted geese on the Columbia and ducks at Sauvie's Island and several spots along the upper Columbia near Boardman, Oregon.  Since moving to the southern Oregon area in 1990, I've spent time learning a wide variety of areas in the Willamette Valley and along the south-central Oregon coast.  Now I'm prepared and have begun offering a number of different hunts.  My focus will be ducks and geese, but I'll also give folks the opportunity to hunt Turkey's, Bear, Deer and Elk with me on a limited, client by client basis. 

Duck and Goose hunts will occur on private and public lands.  Some of my hunts will utilize my boats, others will be walk-in hunts.  If you have your own dog, your welcome to bring it, otherwise we'll hunt with my Chesepeake Bay retriever "Charlie".  I have loaner shotguns available for use for those not wanting to travel with their own guns.  I don't provide personal wading gear, shells or lunches-beverages on my hunts.  I have plenty of high quality floating and field decoys and I'm an expert caller on both ducks and geese.  I encourage folks to bring their own calls and join in with my calling.  Hopefully your own calling will add to the realism of mine and help draw the birds into the dec's, besides calling birds is all part of the overall experience and I want you to have the experience of a lifetime while out with me.  Please check my "our rates" page for prices on my hunts.  Big Game Hunts will be quoted on a case by case basis depending on the specific desires of the hunter(s).   


Good friend Charlie Martin and his awsome yellow lab "Jemma" with some birds on a hunt in the valley.

A successful "muzzle loader" blackbear hunt from the McKenzie river drainage in the fall of 2010

My youngest son, Hunter with his first Spring Turkey from the juvenile Turkey season in April, 2011

My son Rhett's first spring tom from the juvenile season of April, 2011


Living in the central U.S., I saw so many new opportunities that Oregon held and wanted to try to experience as many as possible. When I contacted Dean, he was open to all of the ideas that I had and devised a plan.      On a float trip for salmon we tried everything that he knew to get us on them, but the salmon run just wasn't there. There were a couple of hook-ups, but they didn't make it into the boat. We did jump shoot just over a limit of mallards during the float, and that along with the scenery and other wildlife that we saw made a fantastic Fall day. The next two days, we put miles of tire tracks along the mountain logging roads that Dean knows so well, and I added plenty of boot tracks along a couple of roads as well.  I saw my first ever Blue and Ruffed grouse and took one of EACH, something that even up until as little as one year ago, never imagined would happen.  We even came across a covey of mountain quail, another first, but they didn't present the opportunity for a shot. Finally, we closed out my adventure with a great combination duck and goose hunt at his duck club where mallards, pintail, teal and cackling geese filled the skies, and plenty found there way over our decoys and onto our duck straps.     It was truly a great time and Dean was a fantastic host for this multifaceted adventure, and I feel as if I've made a friend.      The days were too short and too few, so I only hope that someday he will be so kind to allow me to put him through another test of a mixed fin, feather, and possibly fur adventure.  I know that I can trust him to make it truly memorable once again.     Ron Peach

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